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We make your interest in humanity's scientific understanding of the universe worthwhile. From organizing international competitive quizzes to giving you a platform to explore your curiosity and spark it in others. Our Forum is your oyster. 

It’s a worldwide held misconception that science is only for the smart but IAAA begs to differ. We are here to make astronomy interesting and easy to grasp.


In the simplest of words, we are explorers just like you who are curious about the light-years away. We have built this association to share our love for astronomy. Whether a beginner or an experienced astronomer, we have room for everyone. 

Astronomy has never failed to astonish the human race, the deeper we explore the more we realize the vastness of space and the unknown it holds. IAAA will give you a community of explorers to explore this fascinating universe with.

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Members of the IAAA get special access to our online community forum where they can discuss questions about the universe, astronomy, telescopes, star-gazing, astrophotography, and much more.

IAAA organizes a number of astronomy events including but not limited to astronomy quizzes, webinars, and meetings. These events are typically open to the general public regardless of their IAAA membership status.

It’s extremely easy to join the IAAA. Membership is free, as we strongly believe in equitable access for all. Membership in the IAAA will help your interest in humanity’s scientific understanding of the universe. Joining the IAAA provides you with special access to publishing, education, and meetings.

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The International Amateur Astronomical Association (IAAA) is a not-for-profit society based in Hyderabad, India.

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